Spray Tan Prep

We are committed to delivering the best possible quality spray tan experience but the pre & post care make a huge difference in getting the most mileage and best results out of your glow.

So what do our expert spray techs say? 

1. Exfoliate thoroughly, and as close to your appointment as possible. This Shea Moisture Body Scrub is a great product for helping loosen the dead skin and helping reveal a fresh layer of skin to soak up the spray tan. Want to be extra thorough? Use a loofah and your favorite body wash all over as well.


2. Shave the night before with a new razor. We love Cocovit's coconut Shave Balm.

3. Avoid applying any lotions or liquid-based solutions to your skin after showering before your appointment. That will create a barrier between the skin and make it more difficult for the tan to permeate and sink in. Also, no Dove soaps before the session.


4. Your tan will look best on clean, residue free skin. Lingering spray tan color from prior session can be easily removed with our coveted Dermasuri Exfoliating Mitts. 

5. Make sure to get any wax, hair, & nail appointments in before your spray tan appointment. There's no way to tell if the products used in these appointments are organic or spray-tan friendly. We don't recommend mixing spray tans with mysterious products and chemicals! 
6. Pack dark, loose-fitting clothes & flip flops or slippers to bring along with you to your appointment.

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Read up on how to take care of your tan after your appointment in this blog post.

With Love,
The Glow Lounge

Spray Tan After Care

We all dream of a spray tan that lasts several days and fades evenly and smoothly. And guess what, it's totally possible for all of us. Here are a few tips to keep your tan fresh the longest.

1. Use organic soaps and lotions. Avoid mineral oil, baby oil, petrolatum, and petroleum. These ingredients are the arch nemesis of a good spray tan.

2. Moisturize like crazy! Our in-house line of Gingerly nourishing body creme is perfect; it's rich in antioxidants and contains a well-rounded mix of organic oils to keep your tan looking lustrous the whole way through. 

3. Keep showers short, sweet, & non-scalding. The less exposure to steady water and steam, the less your top layer of skin loosens, and the longer your spray tan can last.

4. Try to steer clear from highly-chlorinated pools & hot tubs for extended periods of time. Rinse after you swim and apply sunscreen when you're in the sun!

5. Use a natural shower gel, like the Gingerly Organic Shower Gel for cleansing your skin. It's gentle on your skin and kind to the earth! It also works well as a shaving gel.

6. For shaving, use a fresh razor and a light touch.

Follow these 6 tips and your glow will look fresh and fab!

Sugar Scrub Recipe

The chemicals and preservatives in store-bought scrubs leave your skin dull and dry. Ditch them, and do it yourself. Sugar scrubs are an easy DIY project that will give you silky soft skin and are perfect for exfoliating the day before your spray tan!

Our basic sugar scrub recipe calls for three simple ingredients - sugar, oil, and essential oil. You can always add other pantry items like honey for a hydration boost, or caffeine-filled coffee for a skin tightening scrub. We get our essential oils from Meghan of Meghan Joy. If you're curious about essential oils, she's your girl! 

To make your scrub base, shoot for a 80% sugar / 20% oil ratio.


  • Fill jar 1/2 way with white sugar.
  • Add 1-2 tbs melted coconut oil + 1 tbs olive oil + 5-10 drops of citrus essential oil, we like grapefruit.
  • Add more sugar to desired consistency.


  • Fill jar 1/2 way with raw brown sugar.
  • Add 3 tbs melted coconut oil + 3 tbs coffee grounds + 1 tsp vanilla extract.
  • Add more grounds or white sugar to desired consistency. 


To use the scrub, apply to your body while in the shower. Use gentle circles on elbows, ankles, and hands for deeper exfoliation.

 Making sugar scrubs at home is easy, fun, and a little addicting if I'm being honest! There are endless possibilities! Have you made a scrub at home before? What's your secret ingredient?