Spray Tan After Care

We all dream of a spray tan that lasts several days and fades evenly and smoothly. And guess what, it's totally possible for all of us. Here are a few tips to keep your tan fresh the longest.

1. Use organic soaps and lotions. Avoid mineral oil, baby oil, petrolatum, and petroleum. These ingredients are the arch nemesis of a good spray tan.

2. Moisturize like crazy! Our in-house line of Gingerly nourishing body creme is perfect; it's rich in antioxidants and contains a well-rounded mix of organic oils to keep your tan looking lustrous the whole way through. 

3. Keep showers short, sweet, & non-scalding. The less exposure to steady water and steam, the less your top layer of skin loosens, and the longer your spray tan can last.

4. Try to steer clear from highly-chlorinated pools & hot tubs for extended periods of time. Rinse after you swim and apply sunscreen when you're in the sun!

5. Use a natural shower gel, like the Gingerly Organic Shower Gel for cleansing your skin. It's gentle on your skin and kind to the earth! It also works well as a shaving gel.

6. For shaving, use a fresh razor and a light touch.

Follow these 6 tips and your glow will look fresh and fab!